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For those of you who want to take out an SMS loan as quickly as possible, preferably even today, there are good opportunities for this. This is one of the advantages of just having a SMS loan that makes searching so fast. If you are looking for just the right time, it should often be no problem at all to get the money paid before the end of the day.

It is not uncommon for you to wait until the next day to receive your money, but if you apply early in the day and meet the criteria, it is clearly possible to get the money the same day. Sometimes the lenders boast that you can get them within 15 minutes and that can also be true under the right conditions.

Common payment rules for SMS loans


Now the rules may be a little different for different companies, but here we will give an example of how the rules can often be for just SMS loans.

To get an SMS loan today, you normally have to apply for the loan before 13:00 if it is a normal everyday life. If you do this, you can expect to have the money deposited into your account sometime between 15:00 – 17:00. Of course, it all depends on whether you get approved or not. It is from your application being approved that it usually goes quickly.

If you apply for your loan on a Friday

If you apply for your loan on a Friday

After 13:00 or during the following weekend you will not receive your SMS loan today, but it usually takes a little longer. Such an application that is approved means that the money is in the account on Monday morning.

The very reason for how quickly it is possible to get money paid out is often the lender’s opening hours. If the lender has closed, they will not be able to process your application and then you will have to wait until they open again. Some lenders have the opening hours and then they can work on approving loans even over the weekend, but others have closed and will only process your application on Monday.

Things that can make you money faster


One factor that affects how quickly you can get your money is how you identify and sign for your loan. There are now such things as E-Money and Bank ID, both of which serve as ways to sign something digitally. The lenders who use eg E-Money can process your loan a little faster.

Then there may also be some lending institutions that deposit money into your account faster. Some, for example, cooperate with certain banks, which makes it a little faster to get the money deposited into such an account.

It is common for those who have a personal account at Nordea to enjoy a faster deposit of the money. They can then come in immediately after you have been approved. If there are other partnerships with banks, you can read about this with their respective lenders on their website.


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