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From mortgages to the sale of the fifth: guide to the Astro Finance offer

From mortgages to the sale of the fifth: guide to the Astro Finance offer

The companies that act as credit brokers have grown in number, as have the increased needs for consumer finance. One of the leading companies in credit brokerage is Astro Finance with headquarters in Bergamo and a presence throughout Italy thanks to the numerous Broker Families that carry out the activity on behalf of the company itself.

To know the nearest agency, you can call the Astro or use the service on the site. The distribution of the agencies is not the same (for example in Rome there are several, one in Colleferro but nothing in the other provinces of Lazio such as Frosinone) but as mentioned it is always possible to refer to the agreed Brokers who work in their area.

Before giving an overview of the products placed by this company it should be emphasized that it does not “sell” its own products, but places those of around 20 banks, so if on the one hand one can count on greater choice, on the other hand average costs must be incurred higher than those applied by banks at source.

Products: loans, mortgages and more

Products: loans, mortgages and more

Being a broker who carries out his business in the financial sector, it is taken for granted that the leading products fall into the category of loans and mortgages. For this last typology you can find: home purchase mortgages, subrogation and replacement, but also construction and restructuring. Not linked to residential real estate there are the purchase mortgages of commercial premises or those of liquidity. For purchase home loans it is also expected to cover 100% depending on the selected product (see also home renovation loan).

In the category of loans we find the personal ones, with figures up to 50 thousand and repayment duration up to 120 installments. For those who need higher amounts to ease the pressure of debts, there is the debt consolidation loan. Like other products, fifth-year assignments (pension or salary) are also logically contemplated.

In addition, there are some services and products designed specifically for companies that can involve leasing-type financing, specific for SMEs, such as subsidized loans, factoring, etc. In addition, a loan is also provided that covers all costs ranging from design to vehicle repair. (See also Loan without assignment of the fifth ).



In terms of size and distribution it is to be considered one of the most solid companies in Italy in the specific sector of mediation. Obviously to define its convenience in an absolute sense one must refer to the various situations on a case-by-case basis.


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