Quick Credit – How the loan works with bills

Loan changed with Fast Credit: costs and conditions

Loan changed with Fast Credit: costs and conditions

Credito Veloce does not only indicate a way to obtain a certain liquidity in a short time, but it is also a company registered in the Single Register of Financial Intermediaries of the Bank of Italy (registration No. 160) associated with the Afin. The registered office is in Genzano di Roma and in Rome the operating office is located. These two offices are used for the disbursement of the personal loans granted, which are granted mainly on the guarantee of bills.

Loans can be granted by fast credit to bad payers (for late payments). However, those who still have outstanding payments are excluded.

What do you propose?

What do you propose?

As already mentioned, Fast Credit exclusively provides personal loans and the chosen method is loan repayments. The service is intended only for specific categories of consumers and workers, which can be grouped into:

  • pensioners ;
  • state employees and in general those who work for the public administration (including parastatals);
  • employees of private companies.

The offer of financing provides conditions and requirements that may vary depending on the category to which they are addressed (especially for the age between pensioners and employees and for the requirements of the employer between public and private employees). It may also happen that the applicant does not have all the necessary requirements but the problem can be overcome by presenting an ‘adequate’ guarantor.

As of February 12, 2018 from the official website, the general rule is the need to be of age and not to be over 75 years of age (the maximum limit is defined at the expiry of the loan amortization plan ). For custom requirements the main differences are:

For private sector employees

It is necessary to have reached at least 12 months of seniority and work for a company that has a legal status like spa or srl and with at least 10 employees. Finally it is essential that the employment contract is for an indefinite period.

For public sector employees

Deepening: Private employee loans Spa.

However, seniority is expected, but falls to no less than 6 months, which must be calculated from the date of employment. Also in this case the contract must be for an indefinite period.

For pensioners

Even for pensioners, there is a minimum retirement period which is equivalent to that of public sector employees (at least 6 months). The pension must be at least 1000 euros per month. The calculation must be made gross of any sales of the fifth already in place.

Conditions of the loan with bills of exchange

Conditions of the loan with bills of exchange

The loan is not paid at home, but you have to go to one of the two locations. By appointment you can then go to:

  • via G. Ferrari nr 35 in Rome;
  • Viale G. Matteotti nr 20 in Genzano di Roma.

NB: both venues meet the following schedule (also valid for telephone calls), that is: from 8.30 am to 1 pm and then from 3 pm and then from 6.30 pm.

The first appointment is used to start the loan request and assessment procedure. If the sum should be agreed, there will be the final part with the signing of the bills.


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