Comparison of cash loans

The second offer is equally interesting and it is worth getting to know it a bit better. Good Finance offers quite an interesting online cash loan offer.

APRC is slightly higher than in the case of a loan from Bank Loan and Credit and amounts to 8.94% per annum. For the amount of USD 50 thousand repaid over a period of 72 months, each of the installments calculated by the bank will be USD 892 each.

Thus, this offer will cost us a bit more


It will generate costs over USD 64 thousand. The nominal interest rate is 8.59% per annum and is higher than the interest rate for a loan at Bank, but ING does not charge any commission on the loan granted. Liability insurance is not required by the bank.

The interest rate is fixed for loans with a repayment period of up to 36 months, and variable for loans over 36 months. As you can easily see, the offer prepared by Bank Loan and Credit is more favorable. This commitment will cost us a bit less and thus will be more profitable for us. The choice, however, belongs to the specific borrower. Everyone likes something different, just like cash loans.

Cash loan in Loan and Credit Bank

Cash loan in Loan and Credit Bank

In this article, we will compare two offers of cash liabilities. Such comparisons are very useful when applying for a loan. Thanks to them you can check which of the offers is more favorable to us and at what costs such a commitment is related. The first is a cash loan at Loan and Credit SA Bank, while the second offer is an online cash loan offer prepared by ING Bank Polski. Bank Loan and Credit SA offers its clients a cash loan.

The value achieved by the APRC for this cash loan remains at 8.30% per annum. For the loan amount of USD 50 thousand with the loan period of 72 months, the installments will amount to USD 877. The total cost of this liability will slightly exceed USD 63,000. The loan has a nominal interest rate of 4.99% per annum. The commission charged by the bank for granting the loan is 8.9% of the amount credited, and for our example it is USD 4450.

The borrower does not have to insure his liability. Importantly, the bank accepts employment in various forms and you can have different sources of income. This is very beneficial especially for those who work on so-called junk contracts. They have a chance to receive a cash loan for any purpose. The maximum loan amount is USD 200,000.


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